Slide Guitar Lessons

Learn to Play Blues Slide Guitar in the style of great Bluesmen such as Son House, Blind Willie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Others.

Following the lectures will be very easy as every exercise is presented with a central angle view at first and later right hand and left hand views will be shown together with the structures and diagrams for the accords; moreover the exercises will be shown at different speeds and music sheets are synchronized with the lesson.
Once you’ll have acquired all the techniques, learning to play the most famous acoustic blues songs will be so much easier.
The courses is addressed to people who can already play guitar and want to know and master acoustic blues in the right way.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

0% theory, 100% practice
HD Video and Audio
Central Angle View
Right Hand and Left Hand
Repetition of lessons at different speeds
Structures and diagrams for the accords
Sheet synchronized with the lesson
Music Scores Pdf  and Guitar Pro Tab (gpx) download

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